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I missed being part of a structured writing group and having other writers to share stories and ideas with.  I thought about it for a long time.  As much as I wanted to join a group again and be with writers, weekly meetings would not fit into my schedule, especially at night. I wondered about meeting on Saturday mornings and if once a month would work. There was only one way to find out.

I booked a small room at the Library, sent out press releases to local newspapers and posted flyers in a few strategic places. I hoped to scare up three or four people who shared my passion for writing. I received emails from four writers interested in joining my group. Not a bad start.

When seven women I didn’t expect showed up, I was overwhelmed. The room couldn’t hold twelve people. We crowded in, taking chairs from the main room of the Library. It was difficult to keep the noise down and I thought for sure they would ask us to leave. It was our first and last meeting there.

We’ve come a long way since our first gathering in that tiny room at the Swampscott Public Library on May 17, 2008. Today, we have eight members. Five have been in the group since the beginning. I had no idea where it would lead or that I would find so many lovely, talented writers to share my love of writing with. I know you will agree when you read their work. Thanks for visiting our blog.

Lina Rehal

Published on April 6, 2010 at 5:12 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. Intended to read a few pages of “Carousel Kisses” but could not put it down. I read the entire book in one sitting! It is so engaging and well-written that the memories came alive for this just past-Boomer.

    Superb job, Lina. Thanks for making me smile all afternoon. Mary

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